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Name: Celebi [セレビィ] / Moriko (translates to forest child)
Age: Immortal/40 years into this incarnation
Region: Jouto
Canon: Pokemon AU
Status: Immortal, residing in Ilex Forest.
Height: 5' flat. Celebi is a fairy Pokemon, after all.
Voice: Quiet, faintly Jouto-accented Japanese. Tends to giggle and draw out certain words, rarely raises her voice.
Eyes/Hair: Green shoulder-length hair, with green eyes that can appear gold in certain lights.
Pokemon Team: Here!

Appearance: Appears to be human, but she moves... strangely. Looks vaguely Japanese, but for the green hair and green/gold eyes. Fairly flat and child-like, tends to wear whatever she can get her hands on that mostly fits, but has been known to run through the forest naked. Occasionally wears goggles when flying, and has a music player stashed somewhere in Bugsy's room with suitable oversized headphones. She's also really short and really light, almost to the point where a stiff breeze could blow her off her feet. Spoiler: it has.

First impressions: A wild-child, someone who has very little sense of the responsibilities of life, and prefers for things not to be boring. Occasionally causes really bad things to happen, usually by egging on other Immortals. She tends to bounce through time rather haphazardly - holding conversations with her can be difficult, as she tends to refer to conversations that haven't happened yet or happened ages ago.

Quick History: Forty-five years ago years ago (1966), Celebi incarnated into her current form as a direct result of her screwing around with Summer and Oblivia... which was thirty years (1996) in her future. Being a time-sensitive being is hard, ok. Due to her interference in Oblivia, her previous incarnation only lasted ten years, as Summer was literally the last person she tried, and making sure that the timelines and loops all worked perfectly and didn't result in more people dead than had to die (which, in the end, was zero).

AU brief: Gameverse based with some anime. A darker world where humanity is more power-hungry and good people are hard to come by; A world with no real world locations. Pokemon are treated as valuable tools at most and few really think of them as friends. The criminal gangs are a lot more deadly, dangerous and will do what they please to reach any and all goals. Legendaries are called Immortals and each one has a female bloodline that is devoted to looking after it, though several immortals have been captured and some bloodlines have almost been wiped out. Pokemon die, people die. It's a grim world with little light, though there are those who are trying to change this, but it's happening at a glacial pace and will be many, many centuries before it even reaches something akin to the pokemon game world, if at all.

Anime locations are added in as needed and most pokemon can be found the same as game locations, though it is not uncommon to find pokemon in another region other than its home region.


Oct. 31st, 2012 10:55 am
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Own Typing & Level: Grass/Psychic, Level 92
Own Ability: Natural Cure
Own Moves: Heal Bell, Recover, AncientPower, SafeGuard, Magical Leaf, Future Sight, Confusion, Perish Song, Protect.

Tropius (M), Daiki [大樹], Level 62
Ability: Chlorophyll
Moves: Fly, Aerial Ace, Solar Beam, Synthesis, Magical Leaf.

Bellossom (F), Hanako [花子], Level 40
Moves: Sunny Day, Leaf Blade, Magical Leaf, Stun Spore, Energy Ball.

Furret (M), Nobu [延], Level 40
Moves: Surf, Strength, Rest, Sucker Punch, Brick Break.

Espeon (F), Youko [陽子], Level 65
Moves: Future Sight, Psychic, Morning Sun, Shadow Ball, Cut.


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